Honey Bee™ Vacuum Toilet Care System 


Most commercial aircraft around the world utilize vacuum toilet systems, with the exception of some of the smaller regional jets. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the vacuum toilet is that lavatory waste is contained within the system as the waste is evacuated to holding tanks in the aft cargo area of the aircraft. This design does not expose the passenger directly to human waste products and the corresponding odors. 

The powerful vacuum used to evacuate the waste creates a continual wetting and drying effect in the waste lines. This wetting and drying leaves behind hard water scale comprised mostly of calcium and magnesium from hard water and urine salts.  If this scale is allowed to accumulate, the 2″ inside diameter waste lines become restricted and there is a greater possibility that a clogged waste line could occur.  A clogged waste line that carries waste from multiple toilets will render all the associated toilets within that system inoperable, causing a flight cancellation until the system can be cleaned. 

The key to the reliable operation of vacuum toilet systems is a two-pronged maintenance program utilizing the Honey Bee™ 60 family of products from Cee-Bee®. Honey Bee™ 60, 60T and 60TNP are used around the globe and are the most effective products to remove hard water scale in waste lines and on system components.

Preventative Maintenance

To maintain optimum reliability of these systems, a regular “in-place” cleaning program using Honey Bee™ 60 should be utilized to remove hard water scale deposits in the waste lines. Regular use of Honey Bee™ 60 keeps scale buildup to a minimum, allowing reliable operation of the vacuum toilet system between maintenance checks where curative cleaning can be accomplished.

Curative Maintenance 

The Cee-Bee® Cleaning Machine is a compact, small footprint cart that performs in-place descaling of aircraft lavatory systems. The Cee-Bee® Cleaning Machine uses vacuum pressure to circulate Honey Bee™ 60TNP or Honey Bee 60T throughout all the waste lines. This powerful cleaning tool can operate from the ground and simultaneously clean all three lavatory systems on a B-777 aircraft. The Cee-Bee® Cleaning Machine also has the capability of cleaning lavatory waste holding tanks in-place. The Cee-Bee Cleaning Machine is approved tooling for use on both Boeing and Airbus aircraft. 

Contact your local Cee-Bee® representative to discuss the Honey Bee line of lavatory care products.